August '19

This month has been crazy! I can barely remember what I got up to. I was working on so much this month that I didn’t really take the time to take it all in, so let’s do that now.

I’ve kind of fallen into freelancing as a website designer. It just happened, but I’m really enjoying it. This is something that I never thought I would be doing. If any of you remember seeing my Instagram Stories about the first version I made of this website. The header alone took me 3 hours . . . I know! I laugh now though. I’ve improved a lot and it’s super easy and fun now.

I also relaunched this website under a new domain, if you haven’t noticed. To cater for my ceramics that I’ll be launching sometime in the future. I’m so so so excited that everything is finally coming together for my ceramics. It’s been over a year being back in Perth and the one thing holding back my business was the fact that I didn’t have a kiln. I was saving up for one but they’re over $8000, renting a kiln isn’t as flexible as I needed it to be so I started manifesting the use of a free kiln. And that’s what happened this month! My art teacher from High School got in contact and offered the use of her kiln for free! I’m so appreciative of the support I’ve been receiving from everyone! My dream is actually coming together! So if you want to see vlogs about me starting my first business and everything that comes with that make sure to sign up to my Newsletter, as those vlogs will be exclusive to newsletter subscribers!

If you read my June ‘19 post you would probably remember me talking about making new friends as an adult and how hard it can be. Two months later I really feel like I’ve found my people. I’ve meet so many new people and it feels good to have people around me that share the same interests, understand me and are on a similar journey in life. It’s so lovely to connect with people.

So August has been a busy month, I don’t like to glorify being busy because for me it correlates with not making time for others or anything other than yourself. Like I get it, we’re all busy. We all live different lives but I do believe it’s important to have some sort of balance. Whatever balance means to you. This month has definitely been about balance and learning what it means to me. I think I understand it now and what my life looks like balanced. But that’s for another post.

Oh and remember when I gave Hinge ago and said that, that was the last time I’ll give dating apps a go. Well I lied. I’m back on Hinge. I just kept having this feeling to download it again, more as a a sign to the Universe. So there you go, I’m online dating again.

Lastly, here is my monthly playlist. I’m not going to lie. I’m still listening to the new Banks album on repeat. I’m not ashamed, it’s the best! But here are a few songs I’ve be listening to, to mix it up a bit. Enjoy!