On Balance

On Balance.JPG

My whole life I’ve been trying to understand balance, maybe it’s because I’m a Libra. I’d always be asking myself —What is balance? I am balanced? Do I live a balanced life? Is it achievable?

It wasn’t until now that I’ve truly started to understand what balance means to me and what it looks like in my life.

Before I would get myself down because I couldn’t fit things into my day. It was like a to do list I made for the day. I’d plan my perfect day that consisted of all the things I love to do and what I value. But days aren’t long enough to do everything. Which for me was a hard thing to accept and get around. I love to challenge what I can’t change, even though I know I’m going to lose. This really shows how stubborn I can be. Anyway what I’ve learnt to do is relax and not focus on the quantity in my day but the quality. This may sound like common sense and pretty straight forward to most of you but for someone who is some what of an extremist —I tend to go all in one way and not look back until I’m forced to. It works out fine most of the time but in some cases I’m actively diminishing my mental health and burning out. I’m essentially sabotaging myself. Fighting a battle I know I cannot win. And I love to win. You can’t live and enjoy your best life if you’re not well. This is why I needed to find balance. The middle ground. An area that I can grow and function efficiently in.

So how is my life now living in balance? I’m way more productive, I’m less stressed which means I can slow down, enjoy and be present in my day. My personal, work and social life are all thriving! I feel elevated, I’m becoming my highest best self and it has played a good role in dissipating my negative self talk. As over the past month I really feel like all my hard work over the past two years of working on myself and pursuing my dreams, it’s all coming together. My life feels life it’s all coming together and I couldn’t be happier and prouder of myself in this moment.

Balance in life to me is a state and mindset of living life presently, being in a state of flow where you can easily adapt to any given situation. Having the self awareness of your limitations and needs —nurturing these and knowing your values and priorities. In turn, you’re creating and reinforcing positive mental health to help you thrive in all aspects of your life.

On another note balance is essentially just a buzzword in the wellness industry created to make you feel like you’re missing something crucial in your life. That it’s the one thing missing in your life that’s keeping you from thriving. When really all you need to be doing is reflecting on your life, choices, values, relationships, mindset and actions, and ask yourself if it’s serving you? If this is making you and your life better? If you’re already doing all of this, you’re self aware. You’re on your path to being your best self and living life to your fullest potential. All of this is wrapped up into one consumable word —balance.

So what are your thoughts on balance?