My Favourite Podcasts


Podcasts are one of my favourite way to consume knowledge. If you’re interested in podcasts about self development, wellness, sex, relationships and true crime, these are the ones that are one my current rotation:

Almost 30
I like Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik take on wellness, it’s not fluffy if that makes sense. All of their content is relatable and raw. Their episodes are vulnerable and insightful, they really welcome you into the conversation. They’re also hilarious!

Ancient Wisdom Today
Shaman Durek is so enlightening! He literally blows my mind with everything he says. My favourite episode has been Quantum Languaging 101. This one is not for everyone. This episode has made me more aware and conscious about what I’m saying and my languaging. And his approach to women’s empowerment is just wow! With women’s empowerment his gives energy to the positives, instead of feeding the negatives. He gives a balanced perspective from a female and males point of view, everything he has to says is well rounded.

Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen
Juliet is creating a really healthy conversation around sex and sex education. She covers everything —sex and relationship tips, how magical and soulful sex is, Q&As and the taboos of sex. If you’re new to soulful sex then it can get a little woo woo at times but worth the listen.

Bad Girls Bible
Sean Jameson talks about sex and relationships. If you’re curious about anything sex this is a great podcast and it’s just nice to hear a man discuss sex. The first few season are more focused on techniques, with the newest season more focused on conscious sex and explores the wellness side to sex. Is wellness sex a thing or is it just conscious sex?

The Elevator Podcast
Britt and Tara, another podcast with really good conversations about wellness. After every episode my energy rises. They were the ones that introduced me to Kundalini, which has really helped me with my meditation practice.

EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips
One of my favourites at the moment. Her podcast has expanded me a lot—it’s really helped me recognise and raise my awareness about my blocks. I love Lacy’s method of manifestation, it’s the most relatable and actually works in my opinion. She is all about raising your self worth to be aligned with what you’re calling in. You will only receive what you think you’re worth. I’ve loved all her guests and her most recent episode series called The Process are so expansive!

The Highest Self Podcast
Sahara Rose was my introduction into Ayurveda and since then I’ve been consuming all the information she’s been putting out. She is really modernising Ayurveda and creating an understanding of how we can all incorporate simple acts that are Ayurvedic to benefit ourselves. The conversations are deep and so nourishing for the soul. Her passion comes through, you just feel it and she inspires you to reflect on yourself to grow and improve your self care, to live the best you.

Mark Groves Podcast
Mark Groves is a Human Connection Specialist, he explores the complexities of relationships and connections. How our own human conditioning affect our relationship with ourself and others. His work has helped me recognise the roots to my issues with my relationship with myself and how my past is affect my current and future relationships.

The Michaela Boehm Podcast
Michaela podcast is a recent favourite. It’s a relationship podcast. Everything she says is just like an Ah-Ha moment. Sometimes you know it but you just need to hear to from someone else for it to click and raise your awareness.

Primetime Insights
Hosted by my friends Stephan Eriksson, Kim Schoultz and Emil Atarr. Their podcast is a wholesome chat with your best mates. A relatable podcast, providing you with deep and insightful conversations.

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
One of my long time favourites! He talks business, health and relationships. I think that Lewis is so inspiring! I love his 5 Minute Friday episodes. Short, sweet, and always filled with amazing knowledge.

That’s So Retrograde
I can really relate to Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari -my wellness journey is similar to theirs. In the beginning it was all about diving in and trying every single wellness trend and after years of that, it mellowed out and I know what works for me and what doesn’t. They’re also really fucking funny! And I like that they don’t take wellness and themselves too seriously. Because as much as I love wellness, I also like taking the piss out of it. It’s just balance.

I’m an absolute sucker for true crime, documentaries or podcasts. Which is so strange because I can not handle scary movies at all! I’m the biggest wimp. But I can listen to real life stories no problem. So for all of you that are into true crime, here are my favourites:

Casefile True Crime
They’ve covered all the true crime cases! I usually turn to this podcast when there are no other podcasts I feel like listening to. It’s pure entertainment.

Someone Knows Something
Dare I say I like this podcast more than Serial (which I do really enjoy) but, the cases in SKS are ones that I don’t know much about or have never heard of as they are all based in Canada. If you like Serial and are looking for a new true crime podcast definitely check this one out!