My First Roll of Film

This is the first instalment of my series on finding new passions. Photography has never been my skill set but is something I’ve always wanted to improve on. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, so I decided to buy a film camera, just a point and shoot. I bought an Olympus Af-1 Twin from Depop. I’ve had so much joy shooting on fun and a bit of self-doubt. After every photo I kind of get a little buzz of excitement and would say “I can’t to see how these turn out, they will probably be all blurry.” Sometimes you don’t even realise that you’re doubting yourself that much, which is true in this situation. Through this roll of film I’ve realised that self doubt is a really big shadow of mine that I need to work on.

This roll of film is 24 frames. Out of the 24, 16 photos came back. Three were blurry and four were taken by someone else. So safe to say I have some work to do or is it not personal error and it’s the film camera? I don’t know, you tell me.

Will I continue to shoot on film? Yeah! I think it’s fun and it’s helping me with composition a lot more. It makes me slow down my photography process and think about the photo and the moment I’m capturing more. I’ve also claimed my parents manual film camera, so I’m excited to learn how to use that to.

my first roll of film_3
my first roll of film_5
my first roll of film_5
my first roll of film_2
my first roll of film_4
my first roll of film_4
my first roll of film_8
my first roll of film_7
my first roll of film_6