My Experience with Meditation

My Experience with Meditation

Being invested in the world of self development and wellness, meditation is so highly spoken about and widely practiced. The practice of meditation has helped people with managing their anxiety, depression, stress management, enhances self awareness and emotional health as well as many other benefits. Seeing as it was a part of everyones morning routines and all the benefits, I started meditating.

My relationship with meditation from speaking to other meditators, is not as common —I have seen more negatives than positives. When I first started meditating I was overwhelmed by the amount of different types of meditations. So I downloaded a lot of apps, through a lot of trials I continued with Calm. I’ve used it on and off for years, never seeing the positive benefits that everyone else experienced. Last year I decided to really make meditation a daily practice. I meditated everyday for three months through Calm. During these three months my anxiety was heightened. Now I’m not usually a highly anxious person but on the occasion that an experience resembles past trauma, I start to feel suffocated, claustrophobic and have panic attacks in very traumatic situations. But during these three months my anxiety went through a real ebb.

I recognise that I went into meditation with expecting a certain outcome and that could’ve affected my experience. However I do know that for now mindfulness meditation is not the meditation practice for me. In the future I will definitely practice it again to see if anything has changed, but for now I’m going to explore other meditation practices.

Ceramics, was my first positive meditation experience. I felt so grounded and my focus improved immensely. I realised that a meditation practice can really be anything that helps bring you to a state of calmness and wholeness. I’m also few days into practicing Kundalini meditation, and it resonates with me so much —I feel lighter, more connected with myself and surroundings and I can’t stop smiling!

What’s your experience with meditation?