At last, you’re no longer sitting in the dark.

I have graced Youtube with my presence, again.

Honestly, I didn’t think that I’d be back. I felt that I was just making content for the sake of it. I was no longer being authentic. All the makeup videos where no longer fun. But over the last year, I have been toying with my Youtube comeback. I had ideas and started to feel excited about it all again. I’m very much still in the makeup and skincare, and these videos will still be apart of my channel but I’m not restricting myself in the types of videos I create.

I have a lots of different interest, passions and learning to do, which is what I want my channel and this blog to be about. I’ll be sharing my life, passions and what’s on my mind. These are spaces for me to let you into my life. For me to be vulnerable with you.

My first video is essentially a highlight reel of the last 2 years. The hello before I jump into new content.