My Intentions for the Next Year

My Intentions for the Next Year

Today I am 23 and on my birthday I like to set intentions for the next year. I evaluate them ongoingly and thoroughly reflect on them around New Years. So here are my intentions:

Self Worth: continue to raise my self worth to align with what I am calling in.

Self Doubt: to dig deep to the root of it and understand why I’m experiencing self doubt. Have confidence in myself, because it’s just my fears speaking not my reality.

Self Love: continue to practice self love and self care, and expand my self love.

Explore: everything. Anything that peaks my interest, just give it ago!

Curate: everything in my life. Get rid of anything and anyone that isn’t serving me, to make space for what I want to call in.

Fears: when they come up to understand that fears only inhibit my desires and that no good will come out of not doing or saying something because I’m fearful. If I fear something it is my deepest desire, so just push through the fear and do it!

Tests: to be aware when tests come up as a person. To reflect on whether or not I want to live through the test or let it go and make space, to raise my self worth in alignment for what I want to call in.

People Pleasing: my self worth is not derived from being there for others. It’s okay to say no. Be aware that when I’m doing everything for everyone else and not giving time to myself, that I’m out of balance. That my energy will drop —leaving me tired and wanting to escape. To remember that I can’t be there for others 100%, if I’m not here for myself 100%.

Purpose: see the beauty in purposelessness. Not everything has to have a meaning, a lesson and a purpose. Release the ego and live in the present. Just live life.

Boundaries: let go of the negative boundaries I have trapped myself in and create healthy ones with myself and others.

Vulnerability: the more I open my heart with myself, the more I can open my heart up to others. To let myself feel and presently be open with others.

Creativity: create, create, create! What ever the medium, if I feel a calling to it, just do it.

Control: acknowledge my controlling tendencies —understand and accept that I can’t control every aspect of every single thing. Instead look at it and ask myself “What can I change or do that will help/give me a positive outcome/call in what I’m asking for?” And shift my focus that —what I can control.

Love: to let love flow openly through me. For myself and others.

Wallowing: there is nothing wrong with wallowing and allowing myself to feel but I need to be able to pick myself up otherwise I’m setting myself up for a decline. I need to give myself time to feel it all out and release everything before it all gets better.