May '19

It’s been an emotional month. Let’s be real, this whole year so far has been a real test. I come to accept everything that is happening, because it’s out of my control. It’s hard for me not to look into the future without expectations and fear. My time back in Perth has been amazing but it hasn’t been what I expected. Having expectations with things you can’t control is a difficult one. You want it all to work play out in a particular way so badly and do everything in your power to try to make it happened but nothing or the complete opposite happens. Since fighting and trying to go against the universe hasn’t worked, I will now surrender and take it all as it comes. To learn the lessons, be present and live a life of love. Believing and trusting that what is happening right now is supposed to happen, that this all needs to be my life’s current focus and everything will work out how it’s supposed to. I never been this flowy or surrendered in my life before, I’ve always known what’s next. It’s a little scary but mostly exciting because I feel so open. I am open. More than I ever have been before, for new opportunities and stages of my life.

I feel like this will be very vague for first time readers of my blog so for more context have a read of my other monthly recap blog posts.

I also wanted to share with you this podcast Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum by Lizzy Hadfield and Lindsey Holland. This has been the podcast I’ve been religiously listening to all month. The conversations are raw, relatable and funny with a no bullshit approach. If you’re are looking for a podcast that’s like a meaningful chat with your best friends, to take you from fits of laughter to sad crying and everything in between give this one a listen. It will not disappoint!